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Mystery of the Father of Baby and 2 Other Siblings Who Were Killed by Their Mother Before Suicide

Mother Killed Baby
Baby's father predicted terrible things would occur and no one would rush to their aid. (Photo: PEOPLE)

The father of the infant reportedly told Fox 23 that he foresaw awful things happening and that no one would come to their rescue.

Mother Killed Baby

Baby’s father predicted terrible things would occur and no one would rush to their aid. (Photo: PEOPLE)

Mother Killed Baby and Siblings

According to the father of the youngest victim, a mother in Oklahoma who shot and murdered her three kids before shooting herself had indications of danger months before.

After killing her three young children, ages 11-year-old Noe, 6-year-old Bryce, and 9-month-old Billy, during a regulated visit, Brandy McCaslin, 39, perpetrated herself last week. The victims’ families are now speaking out about McCaslin’s questionable actions before to the murder-suicide, according to a report in Fox 23.

Billy Jacobson, the father of the infant Billy, revealed to Fox 23 that Brandy attempted suicide in January and that her nephew had to physically remove the pistol from her hands. As soon as Billy’s emergency custody request was approved, Jacobson said, McCaslin was given mental health treatment.

According to him, everything was well for approximately a month. After Brandy had some therapy, they decided to reinstate supervised visits. Jacobson was reluctant about this decision as well since he feared that nothing had changed.

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Mystery of Father of the Children Killed by Their Mother

After that, on July 20, on a scheduled visit, McCaslin barricaded her three other children inside the house while holding the supervisor and two children hostage in the garage. The three captives were able to escape when police came after being called after they observed fireworks coming from the vicinity, which the woman was lighting off from the garage.

In the report from PEOPLE, McCaslin and her three children were found dead inside the home when police entered it after conversations with McCaslin, according to police, during which a “stand-off ensued for the next three hours.” Jacobson said that the violence was a manifestation of his greatest fears.

The grandmother of the two children, Janet Whisman, who managed to flee and the victim Bryce, told the media that she is “devastated” and “furious” over the incident. She also questioned how McCaslin acquired a firearm.

According to Tulsa World, the standoff started at 4 p.m. local time, when a driving Verdigris police officer “knew there was something wrong,” based on Hunter McKee, public information manager for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Laws must be changed, according to Jacobson, to safeguard children.

Two days before the violence, McCaslin shared a picture of herself holding her infant son on Facebook. According to a family friend, Lucretia Pitre, the mother “was so happy” in the picture, but Pitre could tell by the mother’s expression that she was having difficulties because she “just looked sad.”

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