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Tragic Death of Ecuador Port City Mayor, Kills 1 Other and Injured 4

Death of Ecuador City Mayor
City mayor killing in Ecuador (Photo:

Agustín Intriago, a lawyer and city mayor of Ecuador was shot dead on Sunday. Another person was also killed and other four was injured which includes two alleged assailants.

Death of Ecuador City Mayor

Death of Ecuador Port City Mayor (Photo: MercoPress)

Death of Ecuador City Mayor

Juan Zapanata, the interior minister, verified the event in a tweet. He indicated that two wounded individuals who were thought to have been involved in what happened had been getting medical attention while under surveillance by police.

The real motive for the killing, which occurred when the mayor was visiting the area, was not made public.

As reported from the AP article, Guillermo Lasso, the president of Ecuador, tweeted that he has already ordered the country’s highest authorities in law enforcement to find the culprit for the death of the city mayor.

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Ecuador Mayor Killing

According to the NEWS, the driver of the vehicle right now is kept in the hands of police while receiving treatment in a hospital after being struck by retaliatory fire from the mayor’s security officers. Noguera said that the person was a Venezuelan national who was not imprisoned before.

Authorities contend that disputes between criminal groups are to blame for a significant outbreak of violence that has rocked Ecuador. The government is also combating a rise in crime that includes abductions, thefts, violent assaults, and bribery.

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