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16 years old boy Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter.

OROVILLE — According to a latest news from the Butte County District Attorney’s office, a 16-year-old young boy named Oroville was charged in Butte County Juvenile Court on Friday for accidently shooting his 13-year-old friend early on Tuesday.

According to Attorney Mike Ramsey, The gunman was charged with involuntary manslaughter and personal use of a handgun, When a young boy went before the judge, the judge ruled that he will be kept in Butte County Juvenile Hall. On Wednesday, will be the young boy’s next court meeting.

From Attorney Ramsey’s statement, the 16-year-old young boy was riding in a stolen car with three other people, ages 13, 14, and 16, bringing a deadly weapon. When the pistol accidentally went off, the gunman was holding it in the back of passenger seat. Amadeus Miller-Ramos, the victim, was shot in his back; he was sitting in front of the passenger seat.

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