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Top 5 Haunted Houses To Visit This Halloween in Central Arkansas

Top 5 Haunted House To Visit This Halloween (Photo: Getty Images)

October comes Halloween season, and local haunted houses are ready to give thrill-seekers the jumps and scares they crave. In Central Arkansas, here are five places to visit, per Arkansas Democrat – Gazette.

Haunted Hotel of Arkansas

Rather than animatronics, this haunted house prides itself on using human characters for its thrills. Every Friday and Saturday in October and numerous other dates, including Halloween, the Haunted Hotel of Arkansas is open. It is also located in 3400 Brown St., Little Rock. You may also visit their Facebook Page

Haunted Hotel of Arkansas

Creepy Works

At Creepy Works, you may experience authentic “southern inhospitality.” Every Friday and Saturday of the month, as well as several additional days, including Oct. 27-31, the haunted house is open. Creepy Works is located at 150 Arkansas 286 East, Conway.

Creepy Works (Photo: Facebook)

The Reaper Haunted House

More than 30 scenes of “blood, gore, and mayhem” are promised in The Reaper Haunted House. It’s open every month’s Friday and Saturday, as well as every weeknight running up to and including Halloween. The Reaper Haunted House is located at 15312 Mac Arthur Dr. NLR, AR 72 118. You may contact them through 501-400-3116, email them at [email protected]

The Reaper Haunted House (Photo: ARREAPER)

Fear Factory 501

The Torture Chamber, the Vortex Tunnel, and the Haunted Morgue are among the six thrills available to visitors to this haunted home. This month, the attraction is open every Friday and Saturday, as well as a few other dates, including Halloween. Fear Factory 501 is located at 25120 Arkansas 107, Jacksonville.

Fear Factory 501 (Photo: Fear Factory)

Village of Screams

At this place, visitors can visit the Manor of the Dead, the Curtain of Chaos, and the Torture Chamber, which are all haunted houses. This month, the attraction is open every Friday and Saturday and on various other dates, including Halloween. Visit them at Shackleford Crossings Shopping Center, 2616 S. Shackleford Road, Little Rock;

Village of Screams Haunted Houses. (Photo: Facebook) 

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