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University of Arkansas Police Investigates the Alleged Threat of an Uber Driver to Passengers

Close up of Police car's flasher. (Photo: File)

University of Arkansas police investigated an alleged altercation between an Uber driver and two passengers, both University of Arkansas students. The passengers and the driver got into a verbal argument after the passengers asked for a change of destination, according to a safety warning sent to students.

University of Arkansas Police (Emma Schock)

In a recently published article in NorthWest Arkansas News, according to the police report, the students requested a change of destination, and the driver responded with offensive language about same-sex relationships. Near the intersection of Razorback Road and Meadow Street, there was an argument, and the driver ordered the passengers out of the vehicle.

When the students exited, the driver went out as well, brandishing a gun at the students. The driver then re-entered the vehicle and drove away. At 5:12 a.m., the university issued a safety alert to faculty, students, and staff regarding the incident, on Sunday. Yet, as of Monday morning, no one had been arrested.

How to File a Complaint Against an Uber Driver?

Uber, at least through email, does not want to know about your concerns or issues with its service. The on-demand private vehicle service is shifting away from conventional electronic assistance in favor of dealing with issues via its app’s help area. The hope is that obtaining solutions in-app would help passengers and drivers address issues more quickly and simply.

Uber isn’t new to providing in-app assistance; the business started doing so last year. It was once exclusively accessible in the United States, but it is now available globally. Riders and drivers have been allowed to request assistance through email since then, but only for a short time. You’ll get an auto-response if you email [email protected], telling you to report your problem via the app and that no agent has received it.

You may see your trip history in the app’s support area, as well as report a number of problems relating to your trip, account, and payment. You can even immediately find out what your rating is. The aim is to offer as much automation as possible so that you can rapidly solve your issues.


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