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Arkansas Police Department Arrests Their Former Officer for Stalking

Arkansas Police Department arrested their former officer (Photo: Pexels)

A former Arkansas State Police officer will serve ten years in jail for following a Locust Grove lady for more than three years. His victim is speaking her story now that the trial is finished.

Skylar Galloway worked at a family-run gas station in Independence County in 2016. Former trooper Mark Holland was the owner’s brother. Galloway, according to KATV, said Holland would usually come in and grab a coffee and prepare for his shift as an officer. She added that was really close with his family.

Galloway finally relocated and changed careers. After a month, anonymous emails began to flood in, requesting nude photographs.

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In an affidavit obtained by KATV, the mail contained the following lines: “If I have to come over there, I’ll take my own pics. I’m going to get what I want.” Another wrote: “You are going to scream and moan, but you probably won’t really like it.”

She attempted to file a police report with the Independence County Sheriff’s Office. But she was denied. Nothing could be done, Galloway explained, basically because the sender did not have a name. As a result, she took matters into her own hands and began her investigation.

It was a life or death situation for Galloway. Hence, she had no other choice but to act and get out of her situation.


Hampton Police responded to series of robberies. (Photo: Pexels/
Sunyu Kim)

Police Officer Arrested In Own Department For Stalking, Sending Creepy Emails

After three years of research, Galloway finally found what she was looking for. In December of 2019, she discovered it was Holland. He was arrested by his own department five days later and charged with 20 crimes. Galloway could not believe she was right, and that her situation was finally going to be over. According to Galloway, she eventually found out who it was. What made her sick is that the emails came from a police officer.

Galloway, who was suicidal at the time, wants people to know that there is always hope at the end of the road. According to Galloway, she wants to speak out for those women who have never had a voice. She also wants people to know that real monsters exist, and they’re hiding in plain sight.”

According to court documents, Holland was charged with terroristic threats, abuse of the Arkansas Crime Information Center, and 18 counts of stalking. All of them are crimes.

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